Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Love for Canon FD lenses

Blue - G1 & Canon nFD 28mm f2.8

For the last couple of weeks, I have been cycling through my Canon FL/FD lenses and trying them out.  They are discounted by most people as useless lenses, except on film and Micro 4/3 or NEX.  I used to have a  larger collection, but couldn't use them on my Canon digital bodies so I got rid of most of them, except a few fast ones.  They are actually very excellent lenses, and some of them are as good, if not better than the AF equuivalent.  My favourites are the 55mm/50mm f1.2s, but I also like the 100mm f4 macro and even the cheap 28mm f2.8 is very respectable, not to mention the much better built quality than the mostly plastic AF versions of today. 

The FD and the MD lenses have made me a bit crazy lately, because I really want to use them on a digital body that can provide a wider view than the m4/3.  The only choice is the Sony NEX, and they are on sale right now which makes it even harder for me to control the urge to buy one.  But I must resist.  The full frame NEX can't be far away now, can it?


  1. its a circle to run around isn't it. I love the FD lenses and have decided that I'll restrict myself to the tele end of things with the FD.

    The OM lenses on the other hand work nicely on FF so I harbour the notion of keeping my small pack (21,50 and 100mm) for a 5D (which I seem to be unable to justify buying just yet ;-)

  2. Indeed. I just wished I didn't get rid of most of them before along with my T90. I am slowly building the collection again, whenever I can get them cheap enough. really want the whole collection of the FD L series, but they are just too pricey.

    I started with the OM lenses but didn't go anywhere. The 100mm f2.8 was fantastically sharp, as was the 50/1.4 (stopped down a bit). Didn't have a chance to try the more exotic 21mm, 90mm f2 macro (this one is probably one of the rarest of OM lenses to find).

    I kinda regretted getting rid of the 5D, as it was the best low light cameras I have had so far. Hopefully I can justify a 5D II :)

  3. Excellent lens! You always have great composition and vivid colors