Saturday, May 22, 2010

Robotic Silver Elvis

Silver Elvis -- Canon T2i & Fujica EBC 50mm f1.4 @ f1.4.

Silver Elvis has a new outfit. Last time I took a picture of him in April of 2009, he was completely silver, which actually looked better than the current silver and black.

Silver Elvis is a robot, and he is activated by the sound of money. I mean, activated by the sound when coins hit the money jar, for about 5 seconds. Then he will stand very still until more money hits the jar.

This picture doesn't look as good as one taken with the Konica 57mm f1.7 and the G1. For one thing, the crowd is larger so it was hard to isolate him, even when shot at f1.4. I have had the EBC 50mm f1.4 for a few years, but never really used it much. It's just too "common" LOL! But, the EBC 50mm f1.4 is one fabulous lens. Even sharper than the SMC Takumar at f1.4. The coating is fantastic. Little wonder the EBC lenses have a cult following.

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