Friday, September 18, 2009

Sign of Autumn

Wouldn't you know it. Summer flew by at supersonic speed, and autumn is fast approaching. I am actually not complaining. I do enjoy the cool and colourful season, though may not be as much as I like summer.

I have been enjoying the 1D Mark III. The high ISO performance is amazing. I am sure a D700/D3 or 5D II may be better, but I am completely happy with the clean images at those ISOs that I could not get with my 1D II. I have one picture below taken at ISO 2500, and you can hardly see much noise (at the web resolution, of course, but even at 100% crop, it's very clean).

Yellow Leaf -- 1D III & Carl Zeiss Makro 60mm f2.8. ISO 400. Larger Picture.

Wilted -- 1D III & Carl Zeiss Planar-S Makro 60mm f2.8. ISO 2500. Larger Picture.

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