Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Mystery Lens

I have a few lenses, naked, without any barrels.  I don't remember what the reason was for their unfortunate treatment, possibly due to mechanical issues.  One of them really caught my eye with its very nice coating, so I put it on a focus helicoid and gave it a try.

Short conclusion: average lens for bokeh, but very sharp stopped down.

The lens has very clean optics, and judging from the relatively large rear element, it's pretty certain the focal length is 50mm, with an aperture between f1.7 to f2.0.

It's too bad the bokeh doesn't excite me.  I was hoping for a better lens.  Oh well, at least it drove me out to take pictures :)

Lighting Fixture - wide open

Bokeh #1

Bokeh #2

View between two buildings - possibly f5.6


  1. You see, Yu-Lin, your New Year's resolution is great - it makes you go back to old and forgotten lenses :-)

    I don't know what you don't like about the bokeh, but I think it looks cool - reminds me a bit of a 2.8/50 Tessar...

    1. Mike, you are killing me!!! I will break it just for you! I am going to the camera show this Sunday...but I may not buy anything :)

      About the bokeh, yeah, it doesn't too nice to me.

    2. S t a y s t r o n g ! ! !

  2. ...oh, and you know where those two bokeh pictures are always welcome, don't you?