Thursday, September 12, 2013

For Paul

If you frequented the old Henry's Outlet Store on  Queen, you probably know Paul. Paul is one of those rare people who are genuinely nice, and always eager to help others. I have known Paul for many years, and he is the huge part of the reason I have so many old and sometimes weird lenses. As a matter of fact, without Paul, I probably would not have this blog to write about old lenses.

Paul - Photo by Prof. Robert Hudyma

Paul is a big Pentax fan, second only to his love of Zeiss glass. He shot various Spotmatics and Pentax lenses over the years; often with a wide angle, but sometimes with a Takumar 300mm f4. His last known camera was a Pentax MV with a 24mm lens. Paul loves film. He has a large collection of Kodak Chromes he shot back in his youth, and I had an opportunity to view some of them; they are marvelous. 1/125 f8, as he would like to say.

Pauls also likes infrared pictures, especially with the Pentax-M 20mm f4. He asked me to post more yesterday, so I shot some more today. For Paul. I hope he likes them.

All pictures below were shot with a Canon 20D IR modified, and the Pentax-M 20mm f4 at f8 and f11.

Misty morning

Entertainment in the park

A view to the lake

Picnic Table

Sail Boats