Monday, September 9, 2013

Lenses That Make You Feel Like You Are In Love

Some lenses sometimes make you feel like a teenagr in love; you think about them all the time, even when shooting with other lenses. I used to feel like that with Canon EF 85mm f1.2L, and the EF 200mm f1.8L. These two are exceptionally good lenses so it's understandable. Lately, the A.M 5 inch f4, an old British lens, reportedly made by Ross London, and same lens as the Ross Xpress 5 inch f4, kept nagging me at the back of my mind. I really adore the bokeh of this cheap but fabulous uncoated lens. I used this lens a few times on the NEX-6 with nice results, but it's slightly too long on crop sensor. I mounted it on the Canon 5D Mark II full frame, which produces equally nice results, except that focusing was a pain through the optical viewfinder without a split screen.

So yes, you can love a lens that is not expensive and looks ugly. After all, beauty is only skin deep, no?  In fact, it makes you feel so much better knowing you didn't pay an arm and a leg for it.

All pictures below were taken with Canon 5D II & A.M [Ross Xpress] 5 inch f4.


  1. for an easier focusing have you tried magic lantern on canon 5d mk2?
    thanks for your blog

    1. I haven't. I figured I don't really do video, there is no point, but I might give it a go.