Sunday, September 22, 2013

How the Tablet is Effecting My Use of the Computer

Our IT department issues an iPAD for each member as a standard equipment, and I have been using it for a couple of months now, and it really is changing the way I use my computer.

Even though I have many laptops over the years, I never really like them and as a result they have never been my primary computer. I enjoy my desktop computer with loads of drive space, fast processor, lots of RAM, good keyboard/mouse, and a large display. It has been like this for decades. The laptop is just too large for casual use, not powerful enough as a primary computer (though the last few years, this has come very close). The MacBook Air 13" i7 was so close to my secondary computer, but the small hard drive and non-expandable memory was a let down, but I used it quite often, but had to get rid of it. Couldn't justify such an expensive computer for web browsing.

Then came the iPAD (I would say tablets in general). I have used it more often than my main computer. In fact, I find that I don't have the desire to turn on my desktop, unless I really have to process my pictures. Even then, I find it harder and harder to sit down in front of my desktop. This has bad consequences.

Previously, I was very good at uploading my pictures to the computer at the end of each day, for good reasons: to make sure I don't forget which lens(es) were used to take pictures, as I used manual focus lenses 99% of the time, and so that I can look at the pictures and process those I like for the blog. But now I find that pictures stay on the memory card in the camera and not uploaded for days.

The convenience of the tablet is irresistible; no waiting to boot up, and is instantly accessible. It's both a curse and blessing, but in my case, more curse than blessing.

The Empress in Sunset over Port of Toronto - Canon 5D II & Leica-R 90mm f2 Summicron. Click for larger.


  1. As a long term traveller I can say that I'm laptop except at the office then its desktop. Tablets have proven interesting but as soon as I want to post a blog post, post to a forum or write an email its worth powering up the thinkpad so I don't throw the tablet at the wall....

  2. True true. I wouldn't want to type long emails with a tablet either.

  3. We want to see more of your pictures!

    1. Sorry mate. I have been feeling very lazy. Hopefully I will pick up on it soon.