Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tamron Adaptall 28mm f2.5 - Sample Picture

Sunrise on Queen Street -- Canon T2i & Tamron Adaptall 28mm f2.5

The Tamron Adaptall 28mm f2.5 lens is very small.  It's almost like a pancake lens.  The front element is tiny for a lens with f2.5 maximum aperture.  Quite well made but the front edge is very easy to dent. One of the most common Adaptall lenses and you should be able to find out easily and cheaply.


  1. You did well to avoid circular flare with this lens on such a contrasty shot. I found it very difficult to control in just these sort of conditions with dark areas and a low sun in shot. I sold mine recently and now am delighted with a Contax 28/2.8, though I believe even it isn't loved by all.

    1. I always use a hood, if at all possible to avoid flare. The Contax 28mm f2.8 is a nice lens, which I used briefly.

    2. The sort of flare I'm meaning is when the sun or bright light source is in shot where the shade doesn't help!