Monday, May 14, 2012

Minolta MC-Rokkor 85mm f1.7 Bokeh Sample

Creamy Bokeh -- NEX-5N & Minolta MC-Rokkor 85mm f1.7. Click for larger.

Many people like the 75mm-100mm focal length, because this medium telephoto is perfect for portraiture, and as a portrait lens, they usually have very nicely rendered out of focus backgrounds, or bokeh.  My experience with these lenses is that pretty much all of them produce nice bokeb at wider aperture, and render pictures very pleasing to the eye.

Still haven't done a comparison between the Minolta MC-Rokkor 85mm f1.7, and the MD 85mm f2.  From the handling point of view, I prefer the 85mm f1.7, because it's so well made and feels nice in the hand.  True, it's much heavier and bigger than the MD 85mm f2.  Hopefully I will get a chance to do a simple comparo this week.

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