Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bell & Howell 76mm f1.6 Projection Lens

After a couple of weeks free of Projection lenses, I was itchy to take out the Bell & Howell 76mm f1.6 projection lens that I used briefly before with the original NEX-5.  Found it to be very sharp, but fringes badly. It seems to work even better on the NEX-5N.  Very very sharp at the working aperture of f1.6.

Colourful Window -- NEX-5N & Bell & Howell 76mm f1.6 Projection Lens.  Click for larger.

This lens only works with helicoids 32mm or shorter.  With a 17-32mm helicoid, it will focus to infinity as well as being able to focus pretty close.  If you are thinking of trying projection lenses, but still sitting on the fence, I would suggest that you give it a try.  Right now projection lenses are still very cheap.  It's a ton of fun shooting with one, not to mention the confusion you see from some people's face when they see what you are shooting with!

Afternoon Reading -- NEX-5N & Bell & Howell 76mm f1.6 Projection Lens.


  1. please tell me how did you mount it ? i dont understand.

    1. All my projection lenses are connected to the focusing helicoid to focus, like this:

  2. Do you have any picture of the lens mounted on the Alpha body.. this is really interesting. I have an projection len too.. but don't know how to mount on it.
    Wong ,

    1. I don't believe this lens can be mounted on the Alpha body. The lens mount flange of the A-Mount is too long for it to work. Projection lenses normally have very short flange distance.

  3. hi, i mounted a Bell Howell 2 inches f1.2 projection lens bought only 10$ on my Fuji X-e2 with a modified c-mount/Fuji adapter ring
    because of the very protruding back of the lens, i had to glue the lens on the adapter with epoxy, no possibility of helicoidal adapter
    focus is limited range : 2.5-3m but...WHAT A LENS!!! this is the sharpest lens i ever tested (i own about 50 lenses) picture is so amazing, colors are beautiful, no vigneting, a little soft at the edges bokeh is sublime
    i bought another one, for my GH1/GH2, i will adapt the same way but i will only have very close range about 10-20 cm
    i strongly recommand projection lens (16mm and 35mm), Kiptar, Kiptaron, Kiptagon, ISCO, Bell Howell! the resukts are fabulous!