Monday, June 6, 2011

Green Car

Green car -- NEX-5 & Tokina 24mm f2.8 (M42). Click for larger.

I have been shooting almost everyday and my storage is becoming a problem.  Shooting RAW makes things worse.  So I decided to get another 2-Terabyte drive for my Drobo to release the pressing situation.  I took a walk to the computer shops on College & Spadina.  One of the best things about working and living downtown is that everything is so conveniently within close reach, even within walking distance.  On my way home, I went through Kensington Market, which is an interesting place favored by many bargain hunters and those looking unique stuff.  One thing is for sure, it's different!  Just look at the car in the picture.  It's used to grow trees and other plants.


  1. Plants growing on cars? Talk about a green ride! Although I love the deconstructed design on the body of the vehicle, I kinda wish that someone would restore it. It saddens me to see old cars left to rot or deteriorate.

  2. That sure is one unique place to grow plants and grass! Like what Delsie said, the design is quite notable. The color and the lettering look amazing. But it would be better if the car is running, so it can deliver the message on wheels.

  3. I think it was done this way because the car could not be made to run; my assumption. Otherwise, it would have been a waste and the message of "green" is lost :)

  4. If this is their way of promoting green environment, I’d say it’ll work. I love the art – it’s unique and it will definitely catch the attention of many passersby. But I understand your point and Clint’s point – yeah, if the car would run, it’ll definitely be able to promote the message to a wider audience. On the other hand, if it does, it may defeat the message since it will use fuel and contribute to carbon emissions – not very green at all! I guess the best thing to do is to share the message online, like what you did here.

    Mae Weitz

    1. I don't believe they meant it as an environmental "green" thing, rather, it was more of an art piece.