Thursday, June 2, 2011


NEX-5 & Birns & Saywer 150mm f3 Cine lens.

Haven't used this Birns & Sawyer lens much.  It was originally in Arriflex mount and I converted it to Nikon F mount. It's usable on Nikon, Canon and of course NEX.  I actually like it quite a bit on full frame.  The soft edges give a surreal affect on the images.  The coating on this lens is very soft, so if you own this lens, care should be exercised not to clean it too hard, or the coating will come off, or worse, becomes smudge-like and doesn't come off.  Mine is like that -- the coat has integrated, but sharpness of the lens in the center is still amazing. It has quite nice bokeh too.  Most movie lenses do have very pleasing bokeh.  Not a common lens for sure.

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