Thursday, February 10, 2011

Konica AR to NEX Adapter

Ryan on headphones -- NEX-5 & Konica 57mm f1.4. Click to see larger.

Isn't it wonderful that all those Canon FD, Minolta MD, Konica AR and other vintage lenses that you thought would never see the light of day again, because their lens mount is too short from the film plane to be adaptable, are given a new life?  Since the introduction of micro 4/3 format, and the later Sony NEX, both have a mount with very short lens to sensor distance, essentially allows one to use pretty much any old lenses.

I just received the Konica to NEX adapter, from my favourite US based eBay seller Rainbow Imaging, and couldn't wait to try it out.  I don't have any of Konica's famous lenses, like the 28mm f1.8, but do have a small collection, including a minty 135mm f2.5 and a 300mm f4.  None of the DSLRs could adapt the Konica lenses, because it has the shortest of all SLR mounts, but the NEX-5 takes it with lots of room to spare in the mount.

The adapter is well made, reasonably priced, and works perfectly.  Very happy with it.  Will report with some impressions of the Konica lenses once I have taken some pictures with them.

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