Monday, February 21, 2011

Having fun with the DIY Lens

It's amazing how much fun you could have using a simple yet weird home made lens, both making it, and using it.  It's liberating, because you don't have to worry about scratching it, dropping it, or damaging it in any way.  The results is weird and unpredictable at times, but 100% fun.
3D balls? - NEX-5 & Reflex Zoom 9-28mm f1.1 Front element. Click to see larger.

Antique Table -- NEX-5 & Reflex Zoom 9-28mm f1.1 Front Element. Click to see larger.


  1. These pictures were taken with the 8mm movie lens's front element. The name on it says "Reflex Zoom 9-28mm f1.1".

  2. a great build, I have thought of making something similar myself using just some old magnifying glass, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. absolutely beautiful pictures! some of the best I've seen taken with a homemade lens. so dreamy and poetic..and psychedelic!

  3. @John, thanks for nice words. Good luck with your own creation!

  4. My door viewer lens creation. I put this together when I first got my Pentax K200D about 6 years ago. I need to dig this out and try it on my K-5 now.