Sunday, February 6, 2011

Found Lenses

I was looking for the Astro-Berlin 50mm f1.5 projection lens that I know I have but couldn't find it, yet.  However I "unearthed" four Kodak cine lenses that I didn't know I had.  Unfortunately, they are all relatively slow lenses, and three of them have the Kodak S-Mount, and one has a weird mount that I probably can't use.  Luckily, I do have one S-Mount to C-Mount adapter, so at least I can use three of them.

These lenses must have been bought long before the Micro 4/3 days, from the old Outlet Store.  At least some of the junk I bought turn out to be useful, if not when I bought them, but at a later date.

The four lenses are:

  • Anastigmat 63mm f2.7 with close focus capability.  Interestingly, I have the 63mm f2 Kodak cine lens, which does not have the close focus feature.  This lens has an S-Mount.
  • Anastigmat 102mm f2.7 with close focus capability. Some cleaning marks on the front element, but shouldn't affect the image much, if any.  Also in S-Mount.
  • Cine-Kodak 4 1/2 inch (roughly 114mm) f4.5.  This one has a weird fix mount which I am not sure what it is.
  • Cine-Kodak 3 inch (75mm) f4.5.  Very compact lens in S-Mount.
Tried all the S-Mount lenses and they have no vignetting on my G1, but some vignetting on the NEX-5.  Very sharp, as pretty much all of the Kodak cine lenses are.  This surprise find doubles the number of  my Kodak cine lens collection.  

LaBrea TV Clock -- NEX-5 & Kodak 63mm f2.7 @ f2.7. Click to see larger.

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