Friday, November 26, 2010

When You Have Too Much Gear - Part II

I did a little more pondering about having too much gear, and I think I should really face the fact, which I have always known, but don't want to admit it -- I acquired so much gear because of:

1.  I am possessive.  Having lots of gear somehow makes me happy.  Often, I derive lots of pleasure just playing with lenses and cameras, not necessarily taking pictures with them.  However, this sometimes have the opposite effect -- it also makes my fell guilty.

2.   I am greedy.  When I see people take pictures with different kinds of lenses, I feel the need to try them or own them.  More often than not, a lens that is bought but only used a few times, then put away for a long time before using it again.

3.  I lack creativity.  My pictures exhibit too much sameness and me-too-ness.  Just can't break out of the mold and try different styles/methods.  To compensate, I keep hoping a different lens/camera will make a bigger difference.  Unfortunately, this is just not true, but I refuse to accept the fact.

There is more, but I think it's enough for a start.  I am hoping this post will be kind of like my own shrink to help me cure an addiction.

CN Tower & Downtown Toronto in Silhouette - G1 & Canon FD 55mm f1.2. 


  1. Could you refer to your 'sameness' and 'me-too-ness' as your own style? Isn't that what makes photographers stand out from the crowd? Do you look at other peoples work and immediately 'feel' the photo or wonder how it was taken?

    Anyway, just some things to think about.

  2. Chester, what I meant was that my pictures don't stand out among others. They are just like everybody else's pictures. I would like something unique in my pictures that differ from others. I often see great pictures and do wonder how they did it.

  3. Point #1 & #2 ... you exactly just like me :D