Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pixel Peeping

So I have been pixel peeping and checking out the Sony NEX-5, as well as other cameras.  I downloaded some sample RAW files from www.dpreview.com and compared them between different cameras.  Sony used to be one of the worse when it came to noisy images, but they really have cleaned up their act.  The NEX-5 RAW files are impressively clean, even at ISO 1600.  OK, the sample pictures were taken at optimal lighting conditions with near perfect white balance.  A real life high ISO picture at ISO 1600 will surely look worse, but when you compare the ISO 1600 RAW file to the Canon T2i, the Sony NEX-5 has more details, and cleaner.  I am really surprised how far Sony has come.

What impresses me most is the 5D II.  At ISO 3200, it's still very very clean, comparable to the Nikon D700, but at almost twice the pixels.  That's one incredible feat to achieve.  This re-enforces my goal as my next camera.  I am hoping Santa will be nice and sneaked one under the Christmas tree :-)  Still, I want the NEX-5 to replace my G1.  May be in 2011.

No Blood For Oil -- G1 & Kern Pillard Switar 75mm f1.9 


  1. the 5DII is indeed quite a camera

    my question is "do I need that much" quickly followed by "will I carry that much mass"

    the G1 has spoiled me

    however I was reminded of how little difference the camera makes when taking a few lenses to a conference. Adding in 300f4 200f4 50f1.4 and 9-18zoom the kit suddenly got heavy again...

  2. obakesan, I like everything about the G1, except the low light capabilities. Weight is normally not an issue for me. Once you get used to carrying a 1D II, anything else seems featherweight :) I am more into image quality in low light situations, where I find myself in too often and quality always seems to be lacking at high ISO.