Saturday, January 23, 2010

F0.95 -- More samples

I was able to convert the c-mount JML 50mm f0.95 lens into a native Micro 4/3 mount through the use of an adapter. This lens is too large to fit the c-mount to m4/3 adapter and thus wouldn't focus to infinity. Since the mount on the JML lens is removable, I removed the c-mount, and sanded down the c-mount to m4/3 adapter and glued the adapter to the JML lens. It could now focus slightly past infinity, but unfortunately, not a 100% success.

The sanding was done using a hand file, and I am sure I could not achieve good flatness. The glue could also play a role in the flatness of the adapter to lens. So, I have one side of the picture very sharp, and the other side is soft, due to an uneven focus plane because the lens is not mounted 100% flat. It's usable, but bothers me. I will have to look for a better way to make this focus to infinity without destroying the original mount.

Samples below, taken today. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Megan -- G1 & JML 50mm f0.95 TV lens @ f0.95.

Voice of Ire, to poke fun of the $1.8M Voice of Fire -- G1 & JML 50mm f0.95 TV Lens.

Alexandra Park -- G1 & JML 50mm f0.95 TV Lens at f0.95.

100% crop from the above picture. Be sure the click on it to see original size. For an inexpensive lens, I would say this is pretty respectable wide open, no?


  1. I have a similar Navitar 50mm f0.95. Would you mind posting a description with pics of how you adapted the lens ? Mine has a similar problem.

  2. anmol, please see the latest entry of my blog. I have written how I did it, with some pictures:

  3. hi yu lin, you dont have to file the c mount adapter down, you can now purchase from ebay very thin c mount adapters.
    i bought one and now i use this adapter only.

  4. @paparazzi666: I wish they had this before I did all this work! Thanks for the heads up.