Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ByWard Market in Ottawa

In a way, the ByWard Market is similar to the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, except that ByWard Market is much larger.  Whereas the St. Lawrence market is mostly indoors, the ByWard Market has expanded to include many streets from its originally much smaller scale.  This is one of the oldest market in Ottawa, established in 1826 by Colonel By, the legendary builder of Rideau Canal.

The ByWard Market was originally conceived as a market to supply foodstuffs from the country for the city folks, and today, eating continues to be the major part of the market. You will find lots of lots of bars, restaurants, cafes, food stores of all kinds within the Market.  You will never have to worry about eating around here.  You would have more trouble deciding what to eat.

Because the ByWard Market is so close to the Parliament Buildings, it's a busy tourist destination.  As such, things are much more expensive in this area, especially when it comes to eating.

If you come to Ottawa, be sure to drop by the ByWard Market.  Lots to explore.

Sugar Mountain -- Paradise for William & Megan -- 5D & Sigma 15-30mm f3.5-4.5.

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