Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Love and Hate of Camera Shows in Toronto

We are fortunate (or unfortunate) that there are at least three used camera equipment shows in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) each year. For me, this is a mixed blessing. On one hand, I can usually find something interesting that's not normally seen in camera shops, and on the other hand, I tend to spend too much money on things that are not really necessary.

In that last few shows, it's increasingly harder to find stuff at reasonable prices.

Today is the last show of the year, and as usual, I spent more than I really should. I picked up a Summicron 90mm f2 E55 version, a Tamron SP 17mm f3.5 Adaptall lens, and some miscellaneous stuff.

I had a Summicron 90mm f2 for a few years, but it was a 2 CAM version with the series VII filter thread. I found that lens very good, but not spectacular. I enjoyed it nevertheless, until I got a Elmarit 90mm f2.8 E55. The colour, contrast and sharpness from that lens is fantastic. Consequently I sold the 2 CAM summicron 90mm f2 and kept the Elmerit 90.

The 3 CAM Summicron 90mm f2 E55 that I got today wasn't exactly a good deal, but the lens is very clean and in excellent shape. A few test shots wide open confirmed that this lens is as good as the Elmerit, but a full stop faster.

This is the second time I have owned the Tamron Adaptall 17mm f3.5 ultra wide lens. I first got one two years ago but sold it due to lack of fund for other toys. Even on the 20D, the 17mm f3.5 is excellent and feels very wide. I saw one again today with all accessories, including the case, box and the extremely hard to find lens hood, which allows attachment of an 82mm filter to the front of the lens.

On the 5D, the 17mm Tamron is very very wide, but of course not as wide as my Sigma 15-30mm zoom at the wide end. This lens has a very close focusing capabilities at 0.25 meter. It's very difficult to focus a lens this wide, but if you use a smaller aperture, this usually is not a problem.

Megan -- Canon 5D & Tamron Adaptall 17mm f3.5. Larger Picture.