Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 - A Year in Review - Part II

Personally, I think the year 2014 marks the beginning of decay for traditional full frame DSLRs, mostly due to Sony's line of mirrorless A series full frame cameras.  I am using the first generation A7 and I think it's one of the best cameras I have used.  Certainly it's not a camera for all situations. If you need to shoot sports, DSLRs still has its place, but it won't be long.  Phase detect autofocus on mirrorless is improving in leaps and bounds in the last two years.  In a few more years, I am sure the speed of tracking focus on mirrorless will be as good, if not better than DSLRs.  The only ingredient that's needed for success, is the lens line up.  This is where the Canon/Nikon systems hold a superior advantage.

Even APS-C sensor DSLR cameras are being corroded by the mirrorless competition.  The likes of Sony A6000, Fuji XT-1, Olympus E-M1/E-M5, Panasonic GH-4, and even the Samsung NX-1 are very capable cameras and some of them even offer 4K video, for those who are video centric. No DSLRs currently shoot 4K (not counting the Canon C-series).  Frankly, I don't miss the optical viewfinder all that much, and the EVF makes a world of difference for manual focus lenses, which I use most of the time.

My wish for the coming years is for Sony to make some nice, fast primes, so that I can sell off the rest of my Canon lenses, and buy the native mount Sony equivalent.

I look forward to 2015, which I believe will be another exciting year for photography!

Sunset - Sony A7 & Leitz Projection 200mm Lens.


  1. I think you're right. 2014 was an important year. I love EVFs now. I'm not sure I could go back to an optical one and loose the ability to see the photo even before I take it.

    Hopefully, battery tech will improve though. It would be nice to go back to having 1000 shots on a charge.

    1. Very true that battery tech is not keeping up with technology. Li batteries has been in use for more than 2 decades and we haven't seen huge improvements or alternative technologies. Hopefully this will change.

  2. I love the A7 but went with the 6d because of my existing canon lenses. The Sony lenses are ridiculously priced. Tbh the 6d does take some amazing photos.

    1. I agree with you that AF lenses are priced out of most people's range. Sony has been releasing too many bodies but not enough affordable primes for full frame, or even crop bodies for that matter. They should learn from M4/3 format.

  3. yu-lin your articles are always a big source of inspiration.

    i wish you and all the people around you all the best for 2015.
    are you still riding your bike in winter?

    greetings from vienna

    1. Michael,

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I am still riding my bike to work everyday. This winter has been extremely warm. As of this writing, we are at something like +4 degrees Celsius! Not complaining, but what a difference from last year.

      Take care and good light!