Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Voigtlander Voigtar 7.5cm f6.3 from Voigtlander Brilliant 6x6

I have been going to the St. Lawrence Antique Market for the last few Sundays. Some days, there is nothing interesting, but sometimes there are interesting stuff to be had, for a relatively cheap price. For someone like me, who likes to tinker with old stuff, it's a great pass time. From last week, the Voigtlander Brilliant 6x6cm "TLR" for $20.

The finder of the camera is very bright, hence "Brilliant" in the name, but I am more interested in the lens, which is easy to remove by unscrewing the retention ring; it can be put back just as easy. I found some parts that I can put together and mounted the lens on my Yeenon Helicoid.  Looks ridiculous, but works :)

Naturally, for a small aperture lens, it's only suitable for daytime picture taking, if you want to shoot handheld. The lens has its own focusing mechanism, and because I put the lens on a focusing helicoid, which allows me to focus very close if I use both focusing rings.

The lens turns out to be quite brilliant. Very pleasing rendering of pictures and nice bokeh, and it's also very sharp. The most surprising thing of all, especially when compared to its sister lens, the 8.3cm f4.5 Skopar, flare is well controlled if being careful. In fact, I didn't even use a hood for all the pictures below.

The greatest fun is making the lens to work with a modern digital camera, and the quality did not disappoint. Even if I only use this lens just once, it's worth the $20. How much fun can you buy for $20 these days :)

Love Lock - Sony A7 & Voigtlander Voigtar 7.5cm f6.3. Click for larger.

Art on spokes - Sony A7 & Voigtlander Voigtar 7.5cm f6.3. Click for larger.

Lunch Time - Sony A7 & Voigtlander Voigtar 7.5cm f6.3. Click for larger.

Marriage of old and new. Click for larger.

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  1. What parts did you use to connect this lens to the adapter on your sony? I'm trying to do the exact same thing with a 7.5cm f4.5 voigtar and have only come across this post now! I can't find any information on this voigtar lens. Any help would be appreciated!