Saturday, February 1, 2014

Voigtlander Color-Skoperax 35mm f2.8 QBM

The Color-Skoparex 35mm f2.8 in Rollei QBM mount was one of the lenses I bought from the camera show last Sunday.  I took it out today and shot a few frames.  Side by side, the Skoparex and the Zeiss Distagon look almost identical, except the name ring and the coating. The Skoparex has a newer, multi-coating on the elements and you can see from the picture below, that it has much less reflection than the Zeiss. Physically, the two lenses share the same design.

Looking at the pictures from the Skoparex, there is no surprise here.  It performs nearly identical the the Distagon 35mm f2.8. In other words, it's not a bad lens, but on the NEX-6, the edges are not quite as sharp as the center although at f8, it's quite good. I would imagine the edges would not be as good on the A7 full frame, but then I could be wrong. It all depends on how the sensor reacts to the lens.  Some lenses, namely, Leica M lenses, perform so well on film, but don't fare too well on the A7/A7r.

On the NEX-6, the center of the lens is excellent, even at f2.8, but as stated above, the edge is less than optimal. It's unfortunate that none of my QBM to EOS adapters can focus the lens to infinity, or else I would have tried the lens on the 5D II and see how the true edges are.

All the pictures below were taken with Sony NEX-6 & Voigtlander Color-Skoparex 35mm f2.8.


  1. Nice. I know stuff all about the QBM mount and can't see anything obvious about its flange distance on wikipedia. I guess that it isn't too far away from other SLR distances if you have a EOS adapter. Images look nice to me, particularly the cracking paint image :-)

    1. The flange is almost the same as Exakta mount, which also has trouble with infinity focus on the EOS. Distagons are quite nice lenses.

  2. EOS has a distance of 44.0mm.
    Exakta, Topcon, Rollei QBM and Voigtländer have a distance of 44.7mm - no idea if 0.7 mm is enough to build a working adapter for CANON ef-mount.


  3. I just saw your pictures from the skopar which seems to be a nice lens.
    I have just tried my new voigtlander 35mm 1.4 on the A7 and for a start it looks promising...the voigtlander lenses are so tempting due to the craft and size. Later I may try to get the 25mm color skopar 4.0 but I am not sure how it will go together with the A7 .
    I have posted a few pictures om blog...

  4. I would like to add to this: I use a Skoparex 35mm f3.4 lens (deckel) as one of my main lenses. It is a most impressive lens with regard to sharpness, contrast and color saturation. If anyone has more information of the Voightlander Skoparex optical scheme please share a link.