Thursday, February 13, 2014

Black & White Photo Set with Jupiter-3 5cm f1.5

I really like the Jupiter-3. It's compact, looks nice, and optically interesting. When mounted on the NEX-6, the set still looks small due to its L39 mount. It's actually a tiny bit longer than the Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f1.4, but thinner. I can put the NEX-6 with the Jupiter-3 in my coat pocket without trouble.

Despite its age, the lens renders very nice pictures with good tones; I especially like the black & white pictures from it. Lots of details in the captures. The most amazing thing is that this lens is very sharp, to the corners, on APS-C sensor. Even at f1.5 wide open, the corners are very respectable. This is something I didn't expect.

This lens makes me want the A7 even more.

All pictures below were taken with NEX-6 & Jupiter-3 5cm f1.5. Most of them stopped down to f8.

Bokeh and flare test @ f1.5


  1. Each and every shot great. That your Jupiter is about equivalent to a 80mm on the A7 and as you seem to bee seeing very nicely with it right now leads me to wonder what that A7 will do to your vision. Undoubtedly with budgets being as they are y will probably get one before me. So in will be keen to see the changes.
    Love e ski tracks in the railway tracks. Reminds me of here.

    1. It's funny that when I shoot, I don't think much of the focal length of the lens I am shooting. I already have some ideas of what kind of pictures I will be shooting with whatever focal length I use that day, and once my mind commits to that, I will just find stuff to shoot within that focal length.

      I am actually not in a great hurry to buy the A7/A7r. In fact, I actually want to buy an E-M5 first, but my mind still not made up. When the warm weather rolls around, I will have a better idea what I want.