Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Other Hektor

This one is actually a projection lens - Hektor 120mm f2.5. As usual, it's mounted on a focusing helicoid, this time on the Vivitar 2x Macro Teleconverter that I made into a helicoid. This lens is actually pretty sharp, as good as the Hektor 13.5cm f4.5 that I used yesterday. The only negative is the contrast being pretty low. Being a relatively fast lens without aperture, this is expected. It also shows quite a bit of purple fringing on high contrast, backlit scenes. The bokeh is not bad at all, and the lens is quite a bit easier to focus than the other Hektor.

Well, another fun lens to shoot with :)

City of Toronto - 5D Mark II & Leitz Hektor 120mm f2.5 Projection lens.

The fountain - 5D Mark II & Leitz Hektor 120mm f2.5 Projection lens.

Scooter - 5D Mark II & Leitz Hektor 120mm f2.5 Projection lens.


  1. The first one wants to jump out of my screen and hit me in the face!!! (in a really good way).
    Hi, this being my first comment on your blog, I just wanted to let you know i really love the passion you put into it and photography in general, it's really inspiring. Thanks! (pardon my english)

    1. Thanks for dropping by and also your kinds words!

  2. The first image shows the same sort of effect normally seen with tilt lenses, to make DoF so minimal as to seem like macro shots of toys.

    But the Bokeh is why I love full frame :-)

  3. You should enter in particular Bokehliciousness and maybe Largest Number of Accesories Between the Lens and the Camera.

  4. I have the similar one but is 80mm f2.5 bought from ebay, it works with my canon 5d3 but canon eos1V. i don't know why