Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kiron 28mm f2 Photo Samples

Kiron made some very nice wide and mini-wide angle lenses in variety of mounts. Two of my favourites are 24mm f2 and 28mm f2. Being consumer grade lenses, these little gems do not have the sharpest corners but much better than the zooms of the same era. I have two or three 28mm f2 in different mounts and they all suffer from oil getting into the aperture blades.  My 24mm f2 is now so bad that the aperture blades are all stuck. This is a common problem for Kiron lenses and you may want to make sure yours does not have a stuck aperture.  I won't consider a little bit of oil on the blade is a deal breaker if the aperture can be opened and closed smoothly, but if you see excess amount, sooner or later, you will have problems.

Aside from the oil issue, there is much to love about this lens. It's very well built and small, and it focuses smoothly. Optically very good for just a little bit of money.

Converging lines - Kiron 28mm f2 [MD] & Sony NEX-6. Click for larger.

Yellow and Red - Kiron 28mm f2 [MD] & Sony NEX-6. Click for larger.

The old soap factory - Kiron 28mm f2 [MD] & Sony NEX-6. Click for larger.

Sunset in the city - Kiron 28mm f2 [MD] & Sony NEX-6

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