Monday, October 7, 2013

The NEX Full Frame - Getting Closer

According to SAR, the Sony full frame NEX cameras A7 and A7r will be announced on October 16. The best news?  It's around $1700 for the 24 MP A7 with Phase Detect autofocus. I am excited. I will sell my Canon 5D II and buy this camera as soon as it's available, though I will still keep the 1D III for action shots. With an intelligent EF-NEX adapter, Canon autofocus lenses will be usable on the NEX full frame, albeit slower.

Think about the possibilities. All those Minolta MC/MD, Konica-AR, FD, and other lenses mounts that have too long a flange to be usable on Canon, will be supported on the NEX with full frame coverage. If Sony actually sells the A7 at $17000 Canadian dollars, I don't think they can make enough to meet demand.

Can't wait.

Fall Colours - Canon 5D Mark II & Olympus OM 35mm f2 @ f2


  1. Assuming the A7/A7r follows the same idea as the VG900 it will shoot APS-C (at reduced resolution) with NEX lenses and FF with the LA-EA3 adapter (and hopefully with manual adapters too).

    Unfortunately, unless Sony makes some FF E-mount lenses then an A7/A7e shooter will have to decide between portability (NEX APS-C lenses), resolution (FF lens on adapter) and cost (rumored Zeiss FF lenses or Leica with adapter).

  2. Well, I would like to have some nice AF lenses for the full frame NEX, but my main use would still be manual focus lenses, so the lack of AF lenses is not a huge concern for me.

  3. I also am not interested in AF support. If you want point n shoot there is quite competent stuff in that area. For sports Full Frame is not an advantage APS gives you better bang for buck (sizes of sensor on EOS1 support that view) so full frame (and larger) is about using the look of larger sensors for creative stuff.

    I'm also waiting with bated breath on the FF NEX