Thursday, February 7, 2013

Soligor C/D 80-200mm f3.5 - More Samples

Took a few more pictures with the Soligor C/D 80-200mm f3.5 zoom lens. It really is quite a decent lens that can produce pretty good quality pictures. The zoom, obviously, provides flexibility when shooting from inside the car (when stopped). This lens is a two-touch lens: the zoom ring and focusing ring are separated. This is not a real problem for auto focus lenses, but I find myself trying to focus with the zoom ring. I am sure with some use, this would not be a problem.

Smile - NEX-6 & Soligor C/D 80-200mm f3.5. Click for larger

Boarding and unboarding - NEX-6 & Soligor C/D 80-200mm f3.5. Click for larger

Benches - NEX-6 & Soligor C/D 80-200mm f3.5

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  1. Thanks for your samples! I have the same lens for couple years. It's probably time to play with it again.