Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My In-Law's Backyard #2

Here are few more "very old" pictures taken in the In-Law's backyard.  I used the backyard for many of my "lens testing".  Over the years, some of the items shot in these pictures are no longer there or now look different.  That's another reason many of us love photography; to record the moment that may never be the same again.  After many years of taking pictures, I have noticed that some of the very ordinary places that I took pictures of, now either no longer exist, or have changed greatly.  If there are places/things that you want to document or take pictures of, do it now, or you may not have another chance later.

Clothespin [2008] - Pentax K10D & Vivitar 70-150mm f3.8. Click for larger.

Dandelion [2007] - Canon 20D & Tamron SP 500mm f8 Mirror Lens. 

Fall leaves [2007] - Canon 1D Mark II & Meyer-Optik 400mm f5.5 Telemegor

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