Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 - A Year in Review -- Part I

2011 has been an interesting and exciting year in terms of photography for me.  I have updated my most used camera bodies: Sony NEX-5N and Canon 1D Mark III and most of what I set out to achieve has been fulfilled, with the exception of the 5D Mark II.  Very little has changed to my lens collection.  A few manual focus lenses have been added, but the quantities is nowhere near where they were during the last few years.  I am happy to say that I managed to take pictures more often this year than any other year, which I am very happy about.

Camera Bodies: 

NEX -- The NEX-5 has been my most used camera this year until late September.  The NEX-5 was replaced by the little brother the NEX-5N.  In terms of image quality, the 5N is the best camera I have used for small cameras.  I am extremely happy with my upgrade to the 5N.  Many worthy upgrades from the original NEX-5: shutter lag, speed, image quality, sensor clean, battery life, etc.  Worth every penny.

Panasonic G1 -- Hardly used it any more.  I am spoiled by the NEX-5N.  I gave it to Dillon for him to use.  Still one of the best camera to use with manual focus lenses, especially c-mount cine lenses.  

Canon 1D Mark III -- This camera replaced my trusty 1D Mark IIn that I have had for a couple of years.  Awesome camera in terms of speed and image quality.  Very happy that I don't have focu issues like my first copy last year.  This is the camera I go to when I need to capture action shots, or when auto focus is required.

Infrared Modified Canon 20D -- I think my love with Infrared Photography has lost its luster.  I don't remember using this camera more a few times this year.  But I am keeping it just in case I am into it again.

Canon XS -- Got this for Dillon a few weeks ago only because I got it very cheap.  But it's a nice little camera that produce amazing results.  Its tiny little view finder and shallow buffer make it very annoying.  But, it's a good camera to learn photography with.  I loaned Dillon my Sigma 50/1.4 as I don't really want him to use my 50mm f1.2L.  Hopefully he will make good use of it.

Canon 5D Mark II -- Well, it hasn't happened as planned.  I haven't got it yet, but hey, there are still three weeks left in December, so who knows?

Tree Trunk -- Panasonic G1 & Kiron 28mm f2. Click for Larger.

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