Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NEX-5N or NEX-7?

The net is abuzz about the NEX-7 but we have not really seen any sample pictures from it yet.  We can only infer from the A77 samples about NEX-7 image qualities.  On the other hand, the NEX-5N samples are available from many well known sites.  What I have seen, especially the high ISO samples, are nothing less than astonishing.  It almost rivals that of the 5D II.   Sony has finally caught up and perhaps surpass Canon/Nikon on clean high ISO image quality.  I really like what I see and can't help but thinking that if Sony puts the NEX-5N's sensor in the NEX-7, I will have no hesitation buying one, even at $1200 for the body.  Or, if the NEX-5N has a built-in EVF, I will not hesitate to buy one either.  Adding the external EVF to the NEX-5N will almost cost about the same as buying the NEX-7.  Why does Sony have to torture us like this?!?

I will patiently await tests on the NEX-7 when it becomes available.  If the image quality turns out to be at least as good as the current NEX-5 (not 5N), I will most likely buy one, although I really have no need for 24MP.

On the note of EVIL cameras, I think Canon has  missed the boat here.  Even Nikon is rumored to introduce one soon, but we have heard nothing from Canon.  EVIL camera segment is the fastest growing part of the digital camera business, and I don't know how Canon not see that.  By the time to do introduce one, it may be a bit too late to capture the lost market share.

Sony NEX-5 & Kodak Ektagraphic 50mm f1.2 Projection Lens. Click to see larger.


  1. I am kind of interested in nex-7 as well. Would love to see how much improvement in its performance comparing to the nex-5 that I currently have.

  2. not sure how different in performance between nex-7 and A77 as they are using the same sensor and i guess similar processing unit. There are some samples picture taken by pre-production unit A77 on the dpreview that you can refer to if you think the nex-7 and A77 are similar in picture quality ...

  3. I have seen some version 1.00 firmware of the A77 images which looks to be much better than the pre-production samples. So the is hope. I really want the image quality to be good to justify the purchase.