Friday, May 20, 2016

R.I.P Michael Reichmann

I read the very sad news this morning that Michael Reichmann of Luminous-Landscapes has passed away.  Michael was one of the very first pros who adapted and later switched to digital for professional work.  I followed Luminous-Landscapes almost since its inception.  Michael's landscape pictures were an eye opener for me, even though I do not really do landscapes.  I thoroughly enjoy all his travel/landscape master pieces. But it was his reviews of cameras and accessories/software that I really enjoy.  The reviews of the Canon D30, D60 and other Canon digital bodies influenced my decisions on choosing my first DSLR.  I love his review style from a usability perspective, a stark contrast to DPReview which was (still is?) very technical and clinical.  I bought some of his Video Journal DVDs (and later downloads) he and Chris Sanderson produced and they were always informative and often entertaining.

The site later concentrated on mostly high end medium format content and I lost interest and stopped visiting the site, but I still subscribe to its RSS feed to check up on the updates.

Rest in peace, Michael.  You will be missed.


  1. Thank you for sharing that sad news, i am just learning.
    As you, as i was a reader of Luminous-landscape.
    I am still a reader of your blog, from France, just facing the channels Islands.