Friday, May 27, 2016

Minolta Rokkor-QF 40mm f1.8 - More Samples

The Rokkor-QF 40mm f1.8 has been on my camera for more than a week.  This is unusual because I normally pick a different lens each day when I head out.  This goes to show how much I like this little lens.  It's a great match for the Sony A7.  The modification for closer focus makes the lens much more versatile for closer up photos, but not so close that the lens loses its interesting bokeh signature. Below are few more shots taken with this lens and the Sony A7.


  1. Very Nice blog, very good information about lens and photography..btw, which is the best (sharpness and bokeh) minolta rokkor PF 50mm, 55mm or 58mm?

    1. The minolta MD 50mm F1.4 or the MD 58mm F1.2

      I kept the 1.4 as it's alot lighter, been through loads of 50mm lenses and this is one of the best