Sunday, April 19, 2015

P. Angenieux 45mm f2.8 Lens from Tiranty ST280

Got the Tiranty ST280 last week, and the sole reason was for the lens.  I really don't care much if the camera body does not work, but I love French lenses.  All the French lenses I have used produce exquisite and beautiful bokeh, and this 45mm f2.8 is no exception.

I removed the main lens from the ST280, which was quite easy to do, but the aperture and focusing rings are another story.  I decided to just use my Yeenon 18-33mm focus helicoid instead, and it worked out quite well.

Went to Allan Garden yesterday and shot some flowers; wanted to see what the bokeh is like.  When I downloaded the pictures and looked at them on the screen, I was wowed and captivated by how beautiful the bokeh was.  The French sure knows a thing or two how to design lenses that produce mouth watering bokeh.  Wide open, the lens shows some astigmatism on distance objects, but I have not noticed the same effect with close up shots.  The center of the lens is reasonably sharp wide open, but with low contrast.  Stopping down improved sharpness markedly and the astigmatism is gone by about f4, at least at the middle of the frame.  The long edges aren't great even at about f8, but passable.  You will be disappointed if you care about the edge sharpness.  But I think the strength of this lens lies in its gorgeous colour and bokeh rendering.  Seriously, I could lose myself in it.

All lenses below were taken with the Angenieux 45mm f2.8 and Sony A7:


  1. Not only an artist, but also a engineer!

  2. i dont know why and how the engineers choose the glass they use , there might be lot of concerns . sure its colour outcome is intended by the zeisses ,leicas ,canons lenses and so on . another factor here is the amount of glass and surfaces in the lights way , the number of lenses . here i see the lesser glass (triplets, landscape lenses ..) has better colour output . a 12 lens zoom has a need of colour pimp compared to a pinhole picture .
    but in black n white picture age , these colour concerns werent necessary . they might look through their glass blocks and decided by feel . maybe the glass in italy (Koristka Salex Anastigmat 5 2/5 inch f4.5 ) is different to that in france , russia , germany . i say the germans prefer good black and green , may the italians like bright coulour , the french like the colours , russians tend to bright green . canons are like rain . depends on sunlights way though atmosphere . hmm . master of bokeh , do you choose a special colour amplification set in camera for each lens ? :)