Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Take Our Kids to Work Day

Today is the Take Our Kids To Work day, at least here in the Toronto area.  Each year, schools would allow grade 9 kids, if they choose, to go with their parents to their workplace and learn what they actually do at work. My daughter Megan is in grade 9 this years and I decided to take her to work today.

I work for a water treatment organization, but being an IT person, I have not actually been in the treatment plant myself.  Today, my workplace organized a wonderful program for the kids.  They learned about safety, career options, water and waste water treatment, water conservation, and best of all, a tour to the water treatment plant.

I certainly learned a lot about water and wastewater treatments, and now have a much better appreciation for the water we drink.  Ontario has one of world's most stringent safety requirements for drinking water and our treated water is among the safest in the world.  It's amazing the amount of work, the equipment and people involved, and the processes that are required in treating water.  Most of us don't think about it when we turn on the tap.

A deep appreciation and thank you for the people who organized the day.  I am sure the kids learned a lot.  Also a special thanks to my amazing colleague Tristina, who got people from every department at our headquarters to talk to the kids about what they do, and how they end up where they are after high school, so that the kids would have a better understanding of how an organization works, and how people choose their careers, and a sense of teamwork.

It was a fantastic day!

Jim is teaching kids how to put on specimen on microscope slide to check out what's in wastewater

Lots of organisms in the wastewater. 

Megan putting on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) before the tour.

Lorenzo is giving a wonderful guided tour for the kids.

Carbon Filtering Stage

One of the Ozone Generators


Control Room.  Technicians monitor equipment in real time.


  1. Hi Yu-Lin,

    Sorry I haven't commented for a long time. The Blogger seemed to cut out whenever I've tried I've just noticed it signed me out without telling me!

    Anyway, I'm here to say how much I still appreciate your posts, and that I regularly drop by.

    Also to say that I hope you will do the comparison you mentioned in June, between the FD 20mm and the Pentax M 20mm on the A7. I'm really looking forward to that, as I find the FD too heavy and large and am hoping to find an acceptable alternative for my A7.

    Thanks again,

    Tim Ball

    1. Hi Tim,

      Sorry I have not been updating my blog as often as I would have liked. I found Flickr is far more interactive :) Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate that.

      You are right about the FD 20mm f2.8. It's quite a bit larger, because it's one stop brighter.

      I will try to do the comparison, hopefully soon.