Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bike Accessory Theft in Toronto

Within the last few months, I have lost two mud guards and today, someone removed the brake, complete with lever, from my bike. I only had the front brake on my bike and was riding on a freewheel single speed, and without a brake, it was not easy to ride home. I was, and still am, so freaking mad. The mud guards were stolen on rainy days, so that might have been impulsive, but removing the brake is clearly a planned theft. Frankly, I am more disappointed than angry, at how some of my fellow Torontonians have become. The bike was locked right in front of the video surveillance camera, but the low life thief just didn't care. I just shook my head in disbelief when they took my mud guards the second time, but removing the only brake from someone's bike is downright inconsiderate and dangerous.

I guess the only option is to ride an ugly beat-up bike so worthless that nobody wants to take it for free.


Rain drops on maple leaf -  Sony NEX-6 & Taylor-Hobson 75mm f2 TV Lens. Click for larger.


  1. My friend and I have postulated the idea of a genetically engineered gorilla which would be invisible. The idea is to leave the invisible gorilla near your property. So when any thief attempts to steal it, the gorilla grabs the thief and sits on them till you arrive. Naturally the gorilla will need to go to the toilet while you're away so probably the thief will be a bit smelly when you return.

    When we get the DNA sequencing right we'll go to market ... put you down for one?

    1. The first part of your proposal was rather scary to me, until I realized it reminded me of my (ex) mother-in-law. But such a (not potty-trained) gorilla would be extremely useful. I foresee a myriad of applications.

      Put me down for two!

  2. Sign me up! My first reaction was to catch him, but it's silly and not worth the time. I bet they realize this.

  3. I know that first reaction. I had 3 bikes stolen from me in here Finland (all locked) in a nearly 3 year period. I was at first so angry and wanted to identify the thief. Eventually I realised that I'd only get into more hassle myself and perhaps never even get the right person.

    So at the risk of getting 'metaphysical' I'd say walk away from the negative energies and accept that in life there are always losses. Even squirrels loose their stashes.

    Will put you down for a gorilla when they become available ;-)