Sunday, June 23, 2013

S.F.O.M 100mm f3.2 Projection Lens Samples

The S.F.O.M 100mm f3.2 projection lens is one of the three that David sent me from France. Last time I tried the Isco-Gottingen 85mm f2.8 projection lens, and it was quite good, though not as sharp as other projection lenses I have used, but definitely produces some interesting pictures. Today I tried the S.F.O.M 100mm f3.2, and it's a surprise. The lens is very sharp at the working aperture, but the best part is the very nice bokeh it produces. The pictures below were taken in the late evening, and you can see some noise in the pictures. The only thing I find distracting is that even with a very long lens hood, there is some "white out" effect, but some post processing eliminates most of it. In all, a very enjoyable lens to take pictures. Can't wait to try it in better light.

Bokeh - NEX-6 & S.F.O.M 100mm f3.2

Bokeh #2 - NEX-6 & S.F.O.M 100mm f3.2

Rose - NEX-6 & S.F.O.M 100mm f3.2

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