Friday, May 17, 2013

End of a Chapter

Today is my last day at a job that I have had for the last 14 years. Couple years ago, our company was taken over by a big corporation and everyone at our department was given a "transition" period; a fancy term used by the big company to mean that "we will lay you off as soon as we've got what we want from you". I am the last of the MIS team to stay and take care of legacy stuff until everything is "transitioned".

It's been a wonderful 14 years. The Spadina & Queen area in Toronto, is a great place to work, eat, and of course, photograph. No doubt you have seen many pictures in my blog posts over the years, that were taken in this area. I would take a 45-minute walk around the area in my lunch hour, pretty much each day, and took pictures. I will surely miss this area, and most of all, miss my colleagues who have been so wonderful to work with. I will look back and cherish the memories, but as Canadian astronaut and commander Chris Hadfield said, "Don't look back. That's not where you are going!", I look forward to the next chapter of my career, which will soon start.

AlgoCafe - Canon 20D IR & Tamron Adaptall 17mm f3.5.


  1. A new beginning is waiting for you!
    For your commitment and passion you will land in a way better job in a great company soon!

    1. Thanks macman! I have found a job not too far from the current location. So, there will be pictures from new work place :)

  2. We wrote about this last year. Wish you the best in your future! In our company last year 1/3 of the employees were outsourced or comfortably cushioned in transfer companies (no work, 70% of last wage, assistance in training for new jobs, duration 1-2 years). It is a sign of the shift in our companies of jobs from production & administration to pure development centers. Ours has now been granted a hiring contigent of 150 engineers, programmers and testers. Problem is, our company is perceived mainly through the bad news in spite of the fact that we now have turned solidly profitable...
    Long rant short end: There IS a shortage of highly qualified people. So if you could live in Germany, send me an email :-)

    1. Thanks Chris! I think your company makes great phones, and people just haven't discovered it yet. Here in Canada, it is the Korean, Apple, and HTC phones that have the most presence. Perhaps it needs better marketing.

      I have found a new job and will be starting next week :)

  3. Yu-Lin thanks for posting both your story of transition and some advice for me too.

    Having been on a team that was supporting legacy software I have some idea how it feels. Still like you said, don't look back as that is not where you are going.

    Paradoxically another phrase I live by is "there is no journey without return" so your journey is clearly not about that place.


  4. obakesan: Change is often difficult, but sometimes necessary; either by your own will or not, but change is not always bad. We are often so used to what we do, and forgot that there is a whole new world out there. I look forward to the new job, which I will start next week, and I know it will be full of challenges but I am ready for it.

    I like "there is no journey without return". It's true that where I worked is no longer a great place to work under the big company, so I am not looking back at it, but I do miss all the great people who are still working there.