Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sony RX-1: The Perfect Photographic Companion

When the Sony RX-1 was first introduced, the general reaction was of disbelieve, of the almost impossible engineering  and of the price.  This mighty little machine is a pinnacle of engineering.  A full frame camera in such a small package, with a fast, great lens attached.

Surely, this is not a camera for the mass market.  It's a piece for Sony to show off its engineering prowess, to silence the doubters that a full frame camera can not be made so compact, and that Sony can do what many people considered impossible.  I have seen the sample pictures from this camera, and I am awed by the image quality.  I also saw the Zeiss branded 35mm f2 lens in its flesh, apart from the RX-1. What a beauty to behold!  I couldn't help but salivating while looking at it.  It not only has the looks, but can also delivery the goods.  When paired with the RX-1, it's like a proverbial match made in heaven.  Sumptuous and delicious bokeh, laser-like sharpness when needed; a camera made for creating art in the dim and the darkness.

If I could afford this luxurious wonder, it will be my constant companion, a device that I will never leave home without.  We will shoot the streets, and see beyond the dark, but it will not be my main camera.  My main camera will always be lens interchangeable, but the RX-1 will be the camera when the pictures call for a 35mm vision.   

The RX-1, a marvelous invention, a beauty that evokes lust and the urge to hold and behold, alas, remains a dream for most of us.  

Motorcycle - NEX-5N & Rodenstock Omegaron 50mm f3.5 Enlarging Lens. Click for larger

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  1. Absolutely agreed. Its just $1500 too expensive, and will limit its appeal to very well heeled amateurs.