Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Slow August

I can't explain it.  I am least photographically productive during the July and August months.  Maybe the heat makes me want to stay indoors, or I simply find the strong sun/lighting not ideal for taking pictures, or, I just want to take a break from taking pictures. I am sure I will resume my normal schedule of updating this blog comes September, when the temperature turns cooler and colours of tree leaves become more interesting.

Death of a flower - NEX-5N & Olympus OM 35mm f2.0


  1. That's interesting,personally I'm at my most productive photographically in the summer (June-Sept), and typically shoot half or more of my year's work in that period.

    One reason for the difference could simply be subject matter, I do tend to shoot more nature/landscape work than you do (increasingly more, as that's a bigger forcus of my work than it has been in the past) while your city work does well in all seasons and the heat may well push you to spend more time in AC and less time shooting on your commute.

    1. You are probably right. However, I am pushing myself to go out for a walk each day, even when not taking any pictures.