Saturday, November 5, 2011

NEX-5N & Third Party Batteries

Church Wall, 2003 -- Canon 300D Rebel & EF 80-200mm f2.8L.

I had two third party batteries I bought when I had the NEX-5 and never used them on the new NEX-5N since the battery life has improved quite a bit on this new camera and never exhausted it in any one take.  Today I just tried them on the NEX-5N and the camera complained about Incompatible Battery error.  Frankly I was a little pissed off.  Like what Panasonic did with their chipped batteries, this is just pure greed.  If they price their batteries at reasonable level, few would buy third party batteries.


  1. I bought a genuine Sony NP-FW50 battery from Amazon which is sold as being for the NEX 5 - when installed in a NEX 5N I got the same message as you.

    I emailed Sony support and they denied there is an issue!

  2. @Paul: I would be careful about the battery you bought. Make sure it's genuine. I used the one that came with the NEX-5 on the 5N and it worked fine. There are lots of counterfeits out there that are hard to distinguish from real. If I wanted to buy an OEM battery, I would buy it from a reputable local shop.

  3. I bought it from Amazon themselves rather than 3rd party seller.

    If you are right - and it does look to me that you are - then Amazon themselves are selling fake batteries.

    It does seem the most likely reason. I guess either buy actual 3rd party and save money or buy from the Sony shop direct.

  4. I had the same issue, bought two Pisen spare battery for my NEX-5k and worked great, but getting the incompatible error message with my NEX-5n. Shame on Sony.