Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kodak Projection Ektagraphic 50mm f1.2 Lens

Pricked up another projection lens couple weeks ago.  This one was a Kodak Ektagraphic 50mm f1.2 lens.  Very similar to the Kowa 50mm f1.2 projection lens, but heavier, larger, and seems to have multi-coating which the Kowa does not have.  Due to its larger size, I could not make it part of my 52mm screw on lens for the Vivitar 2x focusing helicoid.  Luckily I have another one which I modified and fits perfectly.

Finally got a chance to tried it out today.  Very happy with the results.  Slightly sharper than the Kowa, and less purple fringing.  However, it vignettes a bit more at infinity focus but at close range, vignetting is not visible.  Strange, because the lens is larger than the Kowa, but vignettes more.

NEX-5 & Kodak 50mm f1.2 Projection Lens. Click for larger.

Depth of field of this lens is of course very thin, being an f1.2 lens.  Unfortunately, there is no aperture control on the lens so very thing is shot at f1.2.  For some situations, this is desirable, but of course you will get fatigue looking at too many of the same kind of pictures with very thin depth of field.

It's a great low light lens, if you could nail the focus.  Definitely worth trying on out if you always wanted to own an f1.2 lens.

NEX-5 & Kodak 50mm f1.2 Projection Lens.


  1. beautiful background blur photo !

  2. absolutely beautiful pictures. I especially like the first one - fits my mood perfectly now that autumn is approaching.

  3. @deamie: Thanks. Perhaps the depth of field is a bit too thin.

    @john: Amazing that summer is almost over, just when we started to enjoy it.